Our villa can serve as your base while you explore the area, through the outdoor activities offered by the partners of uworthitnow!

Are you interested in diving where the waters get the green color of the seabed and face its underwater wealth? Do you want to do water sports or wander around nature and discover trails that seduce the mind? Would you like to worship and pray in monasteries and white picturesque churches that will make you feel peaceful?

Do you want to get to know the town as a native and visit places which only locals know about and frequently visit? Are you fond of becoming part of the local life and learn its traditions and stories about whatever you may have in mind and a lot more?

Take photos or videos and upload them on our Social Media pages or send them to us to upload them for you on our platform. And … who knows? Someday, you may find out that some of your friends have done the same. Then, when you are away from these magical places and have returned to your everyday life, you will have great life experiences to share with them!

You only have to ask and the ultimate experience awaits you! Our partners are here to offer you this ultimate experience whenever you wish and, in any means possible.

Should you require further information contact us at info@uworthitnow.com.

This service is available to these properties