Make your stay special while enjoying the care and homemade food that only local mums can offer you. Try the local cuisine and learn to cook traditional Greek recipes, famous for both their delicacy and nutritional value.

All you have to do, is state your interest in the day and time you want to have your lunch or dinner. "Mom Helen" will be there!

She will buy the freshest ingredients and cook for you, alone or with you. So, products based on the local home-technique tradition, purchased from the local market, become delicious appetizers and traditional dishes that will remain unforgettable!

Kourkoubines in Evia, atheranopita in Santorini, octopus with olives in Crete, pork with molasses in Peloponnese, cuttlefish with leek and spinach in Paros, onionpie and eggplant-rice in Mykonos, kid cape with tomato in Patmos. All freshly cooked, ready to accompany the famous local wine and tsipouro that you will drink to you!

Have we whetted your appetite?

Come to enjoy this gastronomic experience of the place you chose in the environment you deserve!

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